7 [Chef-Approved] Tricks To Unsalt Any Dish

How To Unsalt Food

7 [Chef-Approved] Tricks To Unsalt Any Dish

Have you added excess salt in your recipe, and now you are surfing the internet to know how to unsalt food? Look no further.

In this guide, I will share seven ways to neutralize salt in the recipe.

Salt is one of the most important ingredients in any recipe.

It increases flavors, taking a dish from dull to vibrant with a small pinch.

However, it can be crushing when you add too much salt to your recipe.

It is easier to fix a too sweet or too spicy dish, but it is a bit difficult to fix a too salty dish.

The salt’s flavor has something that permeates a dish’s every element.

Fortunately, there are various ways to how to fix too much salt in stew. Read on to learn how to rescue too much salty food.

How To Unsalt Food?

Here are some effective ways to fix too much salt in food.

1. Add Acid

Adding a moderate amount of acid to your dish can help balance the saltiness in the food.

You can squeeze some lemon or orange juice into your meal.

The acidy flavor offers a new layer of intricacy to the recipe and should balance the salt.

Drizzle apple cider vinegar, all-purpose vinegar, or any other type of vinegar to help mask the saltiness with sourness by distracting the taste buds.

You can also add citric acid to your recipe. Use the acid in moderation because excess acid can ruin your dish.

how to fix too much salt in stew

2. Add A Starch

Adding starch to your recipe is one of the best ways to how to unsalt food.

Mix in some unsalted, cooked pasta, rice, barley, etc. These ingredients will absorb a bit of salt from the beans soup or peanut sauce.

Bake or simmer it with a splash of water to combine the flavors and permit the grains to absorb too much salt in food side effects.

3. Add Some Water

If you have made a large quantity of braised chicken and the base is extremely salty, don’t panic.

Simply add ¼ cup of cold water and bring the blend back to a simmer. Taste the mixture and add a bit more liquid if needed.

4. Add Avocado

You can rely on the avocado to how to fix salty meat. You can also use ricotta, heavy cream, coconut milk, etc., to fix the saltiness of your food.

Creamy ingredients change your acuity of taste and make flavors taste mild.

5. Add Potatoes

One of the most prevalent approaches of how to fix salty sauce is to add potatoes.

This technique works admirably for stews, soups, and other identical recipes.

Add one raw potato to the recipe—as it cooks, the potato will absorb the liquid and salt as well.

too much salt in food side effects

6. Double Your Recipe

If you have sufficient ingredients, you can double the recipe to how to unsalt food.

Then, mix it with the salty batch a little bit at a time until you have reached your preferred taste.

7. Add Some Sugar

Are you wondering, “does sugar fix salty food”? Then, yes, it does fix too much salt in food side effects.

You can integrate a pinch of sugar or maple syrup into your salty dish. Sugar can balance out the excess salt in the dish.


So, these are the seven tips on how to reduce salt in food with potatoes.

With these methods, you will never have to feel embarrassed in front of your family or guests due to extremely salty food.

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