5 Gadgets That [Actually Work] To Save Kitchen Time

Best Kitchen Gadgets Ever

5 Gadgets That [Actually Work] To Save Kitchen Time

Kitchen gadgets are extremely popular, but are they actually any good? What’s the main reason people buy gadgets anyway?

Mostly, we want to save time in the kitchen by getting a gadget to do something we’re either not good at or need help with. Some will fit this description perfectly, while others don’t.

Today, I will look at a few of the best kitchen gadgets ever that actually save time when you’re cooking!

5 Best Kitchen Gadgets Ever That Actually Save Time In The Kitchen

  • A Food Processor

I think most people should have some sort of food processor in their kitchens – particularly if you’re bad at chopping things up. Get a food processor with a chopper attachment and it can slice everything for you.

Simply feed your items into the machine and you get perfectly uniform slices every time. It can take your prep time down from 10-20 minutes to 5 at the most. Very handy when you’re in a rush cooking some midweek meals from scratch.

Food Processor

  • A Multicooker

Multicookers are all the rage nowadays as people look to branch out and try new ways of cooking things. It’s capable of so many things, including rice cooking, steaming, and slow cooking.

However, a multicooker can also pressure cook – and this is a timesaving masterpiece. You see, pressure cooking is proven to cut down cooking time by up to 70%.

This is because of the pressure created inside the device, locking in steam and increasing cooking temperature while the moisture level stays high.

It means you can make things like an Instant Pot pepper steak recipe in 15 minutes, rather than slowly brazing it on the hob or oven for over an hour.

Also, the reason I chose a multicooker over a pressure cooker is that it also has the other functions mentioned, making it a better all-around kitchen gadget.

  • A Kettle

Yes, kettles are the best kitchen gadgets ever that save so much time. They’re common in Europe, but Americans don’t tend to use them that often.

This is arguably a must-have kitchen gadget for speedy cooking – it can help you boil liters of water in a couple of minutes.

If you’re preparing pasta or cooking something in a large pot, boiling all the water from scratch can take painstakingly long. With a kettle, you can do it almost instantly.

  • An Electric Pressure Cooker

An electronic pressure cooker, like the Instant Pot, is a time-saving kitchen marvel. It may prepare food in a fraction of the time that traditional cooking methods take by utilizing pressure and steam.

Whether you’re making tender roasts, hearty stews, or flavorful beans, an electric pressure cooker may cut cooking time significantly while sealing in flavors and minerals.

Electric Pressure Cooker

  • A Stand Mixer

Finally, if you love baking and making delicious treats like cupcakes and brownies, a stand mixer is a lifesaver. It does exactly what it says; mixes things for you. Just pour your ingredients into the mixing bowl, choose your attachment, and press a button.

You’re able to mix batters and kneed doughs in just a few minutes without all the physical exertion. It definitely saves a lot of time and saves your muscles from a load of soreness the next day.


Some kitchen gadgets are undeniably useless and actually make your life harder, meaning you spend MORE time in the kitchen. The best kitchen gadgets ever mentioned in this guide are the opposite of this!

They’re genuinely impressive, they serve a purpose, and they will help you cut down your cooking or preparation time. If you want to save time in the kitchen, maybe it’s worth looking into some of the gadgets outlined above.

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