Say Goodbye To Boredom: [Love Your Kitchen] Again!

Bored Of Cooking

Say Goodbye To Boredom: [Love Your Kitchen] Again!

If you find yourself eating out more than usual, it might be because you have got bored of cooking. If this is the case, you have come to the right place.

This guide will share the best ways for you to how to fall back in love with cooking and cook and eat more at home.

How To Fall Back In Love With Cooking?

  • Spin Your Favorite Ingredients

You will know what ingredients you love. Therefore, try to spin them and make a new dish so you are inspired to cook in different ways at home.

If you eat the same meal on repeat, you will soon get bored. For instance, you might love cheese and pasta but never make anything more than basic cheesy pasta.

Although this can do the job sometimes, it is a good idea to change things up and make them more indulgent to make it feel like you are in a restaurant.

Using a smoked mac and cheese recipe, you can put a spin on your favorite dish and feel inspired to eat at home more.

You do not need to cook the same things on repeat to enjoy eating at home. In fact, eating the same things can get boring and be the reason you eat out too often.

Hence, spinning your favorite ingredients and making them indulgent will help you attain restaurant-quality food at home.

stay motivated to eat at home

  • Shop Every Week

Shopping every week for new ingredients will ensure that you have everything you need to cook your planned recipes.

Plus, it will prevent things like your bread from molding. Before you shop, ensure to write a plan of what you would like to eat and what ingredients you need.

When you have purchased everything you need, you will feel more encouraged to eat at home so you don’t let your food and money go to waste.

  • Keep The Recipes Short And Simple

If you give yourself long and complex meals to cook after work, you might lose motivation and buy something instead.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to keep the recipes short and simple. The fewer ingredients you need to prepare and the quicker the meal takes to cook, the more motivated you will be to cook instead of eating out.

  • Bulk Cook

If you do not wish to cook every day, because you either do not enjoy it or do not have time, it makes sense to bulk cook.

Bulk cooking will ensure that all of your meals are prepared so that when you arrive home from work, it is ready for you.

This will prevent you from going out to eat when you are tired. When the meal is ready for you to eat, there is no excuse not to eat it.

how to fall back in love with cooking


When you find yourself bored of cooking, ensure to head back to this guide to help you how to fall back in love with cooking. Simply tweaking recipes and preparing your weekly meal plan will ensure you can stay motivated to eat at home, which is cheaper and healthier.

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