What’s The [Healthiest Bread] You Can Order At Subway?

What Is The Healthiest Bread At Subway

What’s The [Healthiest Bread] You Can Order At Subway?

Exploring dietary choices that promote well-being is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As we navigate the world of fast-food options, one query that frequently arises is, “What is the healthiest bread at Subway?”

With its widespread popularity and reputation for customizable sandwiches, Subway provides an assortment of bread choices that cater to diverse tastes and nutritional preferences.

Although none of the Subway bread will ruin your health or diet, some are healthier than others, and that’s what I’ll discuss in this blog.

What Is The Healthiest Bread At Subway?

Below are the loaves of bread that cannot solely satisfy your taste buds but also nourish your body.

  • Honey Oat Bread

Subway’s 9-grain honey oat bread provides an impeccable balance of taste and health. Honey is skillfully mixed into the recipe, incorporating a delightful sweetness without too much sugar.

This distinctive blend also includes seeds and grains that provide nutritional perfection with every bite when turned into a sandwich. The next time you aim to elevate your choices for a healthy meal, check out this mouthwatering option from Subway.

This bread is bursting with delicious honey and nutrient-dense grains. It boasts 190 calories per 6-inch slice. Each serving has just 6 grams of sugar, 2 grams of fat, and 8 grams of protein.

What is the healthiest bread at Subway for weight loss

  • Italian White Bread

Are you wondering, “What is the healthiest bread at Subway for weight loss?” Then Subway’s Italian white bread is the ideal and most uncomplicated choice.

It pairs well with almost any fillings, from pastrami to buffalo chicken. This bread has the lowest calorie count, making it the perfect option for folks watching their caloric consumption.

A 6-inch sub on Italian white bread has just 160 calories, less than 2g of fat, 2g of sugar, and 7g of protein. If you don’t want to sacrifice nutrition or flavor in the name of health, you must try Italian white bread.

  • 9-Grain Wheat Bread

Subway’s 9-grain wheat bread is a crowd favorite pertaining to nutritious bread solutions. It is relatively firm, making it the finest bread option for individuals who like to pile on flavorful toppings.

Though its taste is simple, there is a hint of sweetness derived from the wheat. This additional burst of flavor truly elevates the sandwich.

If I talk about its nutritional content, this balanced loaf boasts just 180 calories, 8g of protein, and 3g of fat to give you sustained energy. The 9-grain wheat bread is sweetened naturally with 5g of sugar, providing a delightful treat free of complications.

Subway's 9-grain honey oat bread

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which 6 Bread Has The Lowest Calories At Subway?

  • Sourdough – 190 calories
  • Italian White – 200 calories
  • 9-Grain Wheat Bread – 180 calories
  • Multigrain Flatbread – 220 calories
  • 9-Grain Honey Oat – 230 calories
  • White Flatbread – 230 calories
  • Italian Herbs & Cheese – 240 calories
  • Is Subway Wrap Or Bread Healthier?

If you want to cut back on carbs, the wrap might look like the best choice. However, you will actually acquire less fat and calories as well as fewer carbs by opting for the traditional 6-inch sub on whole-grain bread.

  • Is Flatbread The Healthiest Bread At Subway?

The healthiest subway breads are flatbread, 9-grain honey bread, and 9-grain wheat bread because they are all made using whole-grain flour, which is packed with minerals and fiber. The other breads are not made using whole grains, so they will be considered refined grains, which don’t have fiber.

  • How To Actually Eat Healthy At Subway?

You should go higher with fiber with veggies and whole grain carbs. Choose Subway’s flatbread or high fiber, whole wheat bread option. The multigrain bread has 190 calories per 6-inch serving and boasts 3g of fiber to keep you full.


So, what is the Healthiest Bread at Subway? Well, it is safe to say that the majority of the bread options at Subway are nutritious.

Nevertheless, 9-grain wheat bread, 9-grain honey oat bread, and Italian white bread are the healthiest options. They are also delicious, leaving you with no room for disappointment.

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