What To Eat During Periods To Increase Flow?

What To Eat During Periods To Increase Flow

Irregular periods are a torment for females. Being underweight or overweight, inactive lifestyle and hormonal imbalance are the major reasons for ladies having irregular periods.

Irregular periods can cause mood swings, weight gain, bloating, facial hair, and many other problems.

The best approach to deal with irregularities in the menstrual cycle is by improving your lifestyle, consuming a balanced diet, and working out regularly.

However, what to eat during periods to increase flow? I’ll talk about it in detail in this guide.

how to make your period flow heavier

How To Make Your Period Flow Heavier?

If you have irregular periods, here are the foods to eat during periods.

1. Beetroot Juice

If you want to know what to eat for breakfast on your period, you must try beetroot juice.

It is rich in calcium, iron, vitamin A, C, folic acid, fiber, potassium, and manganese.

Drinking beetroot juice can increase blood flow and circulation during periods.

Furthermore, it can increase hemoglobin levels, making your period flow heavier.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best herbs to increase menstrual flow.

It is an emmenagogue that stimulates blood flow in the pelvic and uterus region.

It has an antispasmodic impact on the body, which expands the uterus and induces periods.

You should drink turmeric milk daily to lower menstrual irregularities.

3. Ginger

Ginger is one of the most fantastic foods to eat during periods.

If late periods that are too frequent are the cause of your worry, you should have raw ginger with organic honey every morning.

It can aid in balancing your hormones and regulating the blood flow, making your menstruation come regularly.

4. Jaggery

You should also include jaggery in your list of “what to eat during periods to increase flow.”

You can mix it with sesame seeds, turmeric, carom seeds, and ginger and eat it with a glass of lukewarm water.

Consuming it daily can induce menstruation and even prepone them.

5. Chocolate

Want to know how to make your period flow heavier immediately?

You should eat dark chocolate regularly if you have irregular periods.

It has vitamins and minerals such as calcium, protein, iron, vitamin E, and copper that help blood flow regulation during menstruation.

It can relieve menstrual pain and discomfort.

foods to eat during periods

6. Vitamin C Fruits

Vitamin C-loaded foods are beneficial for inducing periods.

Papaya is one of the best fruits to eat during periods as it contains carotene that stimulates the estrogen hormone. This can induce or prepone periods.

Pineapple is another fruit that is packed with vitamin c. It can diminish inflammation, which is the root cause of irregular periods.

Other vitamin C-rich fruits to eat during periods include kiwi, mangoes, lemon, and oranges.

Consuming them daily can decrease irregularities in menstruation and even prepone them.

7. Coconut

Eating shredded coconut with jaggery is the safest and fastest fashion to what to eat during periods to increase flow.

Iron content in 100-gram coconut is 2.4 milligrams. Both coconut and jaggery can enhance blood flow during menstruation.

8. Spinach Juice

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable. It has vitamin K, so it is very advantageous for health.

Drinking spinach juice helps normalize blood flow if you have irregular menstrual cycles.

9. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best spices to increase menstrual flow. It is famous for treating irregular periods.

According to a study, it helped ladies with PCOS manage their period cycles effectively.

This warming spice regulates period cycles and balances hormones with its warming impact on the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Major Causes Of Irregular Periods?

Irregular periods can be due to various factors.

However, stress, poor diet, inactive lifestyle, being overweight or underweight, poor sleeping habits, birth control pills, and poor blood circulation are the major causes of irregular periods.

2. What Foods To Avoid During Period?

You should avoid alcohol, sugar, red meat, spicy foods, coffee, refined grains, high-fat foods, and processed food during the period.

3.  What To Eat For Breakfast On Your Period?

You can eat sourdough with eggs and avocado, apple oatmeal porridge, and mushroom and spinach omelette for breakfast on your period.

They relieve PMS cramps and are healthy and extremely delicious.


So, what to eat during periods to increase flow? The best foods to eat during periods are ginger, cinnamon, jaggery, beetroot, spinach, and vitamin C-rich fruits.

You should also integrate extra iron and fiber into your regular diet and eat as many veggies and fruits as possible.

Moreover, yoga, hydration, a balanced diet, proper sleep, and peace of mind are vital for a healthy body.

These offer everything you require to solve your period problems.

If the issues persist, consult with a doctor and get medicine to increase blood flow during periods.

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