Taste The [Best] Of The World: Top 4 Cuisines To Try!

Most Popular Cuisines Of The World

Taste The [Best] Of The World: Top 4 Cuisines To Try!

If you are a keen cook, you should probably be aware that one of the best ways to improve your skills – while having more fun in the kitchen – is to try your hand at the most popular cuisines of the world over time.

You might be surprised at just how much this can help, and yet it is something that a lot of people fail to really account for.

In this post, I’m going to suggest four of the world’s best cuisines that you must try cooking at home at least once.

All of these are fun, and produce delicious meals the whole family will love.

4 Most Popular Cuisines Of The World

1. Italian

A true world-favorite, and with good reason, Italian is easily one of the most delicious cuisines around.

There is a very simple base to all Italian foods which is nonetheless what makes it so tasty: essentially, it’s all about a carb, plus tomatoes and cheese, with some meat added sometimes.

This can be quite healthy, as in the case of a classic pasta salad, or it could be more luxurious like an aubergine parmigiana or bolognese.

In any case, Italian is fun and delicious, so it’s something to try your hand at if you are cooking at home.

classic pasta salad

2. Thai

Thai food has a lot of interesting flavors, and is a world apart from Italian in so many ways.

Through the careful balancing of soy, lemongrass, ginger, chili and coriander, you can create at home some of the most delicious meals that the world has ever known.

Whether that’s a pad Thai, a Thai curry or a noodle dish, it is something that you are going to find a great joy to work on, so this is something you should definitely try at home if you want to expand your cooking repertoire.

3. Spanish

Spanish is one of the most popular cuisines of the world. People don’t talk about Spanish as much as some other cuisines, and yet it can truly be delicious and incredible.

A good example of good Spanish cooking is the paella, which takes a long time and a lot of careful touches, but can produce some incredible sensations in the mouth and on the palate.

Spanish food can often be very simple, which is one of the hallmarks of great cooking, but that simplicity can be hard to actually come by and achieve, so it is still enough of a challenge to be interesting.

All in all, it’s a great cuisine you should try your hand at in the home.

most delicious cuisines

4. Chinese

Most parts of the world eat Chinese food in some form or another, and it’s easy to see why.

Above all, it can be incredibly moreish, which is owing largely to the saltiness of many of its main ingredients such as soy and other deeply umami tastes.

There is a huge amount of stuff to try here too, as the culture is so ancient and the techniques so perfected.

If you get really good at Chinese food in your home, you are going to find you can create some truly incredible dishes that people will love.


So, these are the four most popular cuisines of the world that you should try cooking at least once at home. I’m sure you will love cooking them and your loved ones will love eating them.

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