How To Eat Peanuts For Weight Loss?

How To Eat Peanuts For Weight Loss

If you’re deliberating on how to eat peanuts for weight loss, you are in the right place.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss in detail “are peanuts good for weight loss” and “what is the best time to eat peanuts for weight loss.”

Peanuts are one of the most popular foods in the American diet. They are commonly utilized as a dessert topping or a healthy snack.

They are available in various varieties, such as salted, raw, boiled, roasted, plain, and flavored.

They are notorious for their fat and high protein content. Besides, they are also high in calories. Peanuts are affordable, convenient, and delicious.

are peanuts good for weight loss

Are Peanuts Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, peanuts can aid you in losing weight in several ways. Many studies have demonstrated that consuming peanuts is linked with a healthy weight.

Also, they are associated with lower rates of obesity. Here’s how soaked peanuts for weight loss affect your weight:

  • Packed With Healthy Fats

Peanuts are chiefly rich in two healthy fats: polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids.

You can lower the hazard of gaining weight by eating peanuts.

According to NCBI’s study, they can improve the human body’s ability to transform stored fats into energy, assisting in weight loss acutely.

  • Keep You Full For A Long Time

Peanuts are high in proteins, fats, and fiber, which take a long time to digest.

According to a study, adding either peanut butter or whole peanuts to breakfast leads to more stable blood sugar levels and increased fullness.

Simple carbs are swiftly absorbed into the blood and lead to a rapid spike in blood sugar followed by a quick drop.

This may cause you to feel hungry soon after eating food.

On the other hand, peanuts are digested slowly and stay in the stomach longer. This helps you feel satisfied and fuller for longer.

  •  Aids In Lower Caloric Consumption

Peanuts are loaded with calories, but with a controlled intake in sensible servings, they help you feel full for longer.

So, if you eat peanuts as a snack, it may decrease your next meal intake.

So, how much peanut can I eat a day for weight loss? You can eat 1-2 handfuls per serving of peanuts since they are easier to overeat.

How To Eat Peanuts For Weight Loss?

A good thing about peanuts is that you can eat them in various forms.

Some people eat raw peanuts, while others eat boiled or roasted peanuts. You also consume peanut oil or peanut butter.

Nevertheless, if your objective is to lose weight, you can consume peanuts at night for weight loss.

  • As A Mid-Day Snack

Peanuts are a power snack that can be consumed when roasted.

You may be thinking, “are dry roasted peanuts good for weight loss”? They are a filling snack, and eating a handful of them can make you feel full until dinner without eating any other meal.

If you don’t have time to roast them, you can eat them raw.

  • Add Them To Protein-Rich Foods

Another way of how to eat peanuts for weight loss is to add them to protein-rich foods.

You can add them to foods like grilled chicken or salads to enhance the dish’s ability to keep you fuller for a long time.

This will aid you in controlling your hunger, especially when you intend to lose weight.

Moreover, peanut dishes are tempting due to their deliciousness.

  • Peanut Butter

Peanuts are excellent for weight loss, but you must eat them in moderation.

If you want to eat peanut butter for weight loss, you should only eat two tablespoons twice or thrice a week.

Exceeding this will manifest in surplus caloric intake, delaying your weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Roasted Peanuts Increase Weight?

Although they are rich in calories and fats, they don’t contribute to weight gain.

In fact, they help in maintaining a healthy weight and diminishing the threat of obesity.

2. Is Salted Peanuts Good For Weight Loss?

According to researchers, eating lightly salted peanuts twice a day before meals can help lose weight and lower blood pressure. 

3. Can We Eat Peanuts At Night For Weight Loss?

At night, there is not much physical activity, so the high calories of peanuts are not utilized for energy. They end up being stored as fat.

So, it is recommended not to consume peanuts or other nuts before sleeping if you aim to lose weight. You can eat them before exercise or in the morning.

4. Do Peanuts Help Burn Belly Fat?

Peanuts are loaded with healthy fats, protein, and fiber, so they help lose weight and burn belly fat.

5. What Is The Right Time To Eat Peanuts?

You can have them as an evening snack. You can also add them to chaat or protein bars.

The best time to eat peanuts for weight loss is morning or daytime. A late afternoon snack of peanuts is also ideal.

6. How Many Peanuts Can You Eat A Day?

You can only eat 42 grams of peanuts every day. This is about 16 peanuts.

Consuming them in moderation is essential because they contain calories and fat.

how much peanut can I eat a day for weight loss


So, how to eat peanuts for weight loss? You can eat them by adding them to protein-rich foods and as a mid-day snack.

They are good for weight loss and burn belly fat. They boost your metabolism rate by acting as an energy source. They digest slowly and keep you fuller for a long duration.

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